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The DMV's premiere holistic reproductive wellness and healing boutique. 

Welcome to 

The Dope Doula


A Dope Doula is the light and the plug.

With reverance for the traditional, ancestral healing practices of the grand midwives and birthworkers of times past, she offers nurturing care & gentle guidance to families in her community. She is well connected and links her clients to the information and support needed to achieve success according to their own personal values and goals. 

THE dope DOULA experience

I am so privileged to have Alexis to have been a part of my pregnancy and birth journey with my second daughter. From our first conversation, I knew she was the right fit for me. My husband felt the same way during our official consultation as well, which is not common because he is not a people person. We were impressed by her professionalism, knowledge of resources, general calming and reassuring spirit, and There is no doper doula than Alexis, hands down!
so much more. 


---- Kelley P., Former Client

Alexis was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I planned to have an unmedicated VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) in a hospital environment. I knew in order to achieve this I needed a support team that truly believed in me. Alexis exceeded my expectations!!! I knew she was the perfect fit upon the first visit. Alexis worked with my partner and I months before my delivery date educating and providing resources for birth. I was extremely pleased at all the knowledge she was able to provide. My birth experience was remarkable!!! Alexis guided me with breathing techniques, position changes, assisting my partner, advocating my desires with the medical team and affirming my main goal! My birth experience was remarkable!!! 

---- Natalie W., Former Client

I was introduced to Alexis as my Doula towards the end of my pregnancy and from the beginning I knew I would like her and she would be an amazing fit. She gave me and my partner great advice and never over stepped. She also helped with advice for my older child and making sure he felt included. Whether she was a phone call or text away she was available whenever we needed her. Alexis supplied me with great information needed to have a safe and successful delivery and was there by my side with encouraging words as my new bundle of joy entered this world.

— Michelle S., Former Client