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Full Spectrum Support Services

As a Full Spectrum Birthworker & Wellness Practitioner, I support individuals and families through the full spectrum of reproductive experiences and outcomes. This includes the preconception period, pregnancy, loss & abortion.

Read on for more about my support services.

Mother with her Baby


Preconception Support Package

Duration: 3 months

Fee: $450


  • Initial Consultation & Assessment

  • Reproductive Health Education Session

  • Creation of a personalized care plan

  • Personalized coaching and emotional support

  • Unlimited email support

  • Bi-weekly check ins

  • Linkage to additional fertility resources & supports

Regardless of whether pregnancy is something you'd like to achieve or avoid, it's always a great time to take charge of your reproductive wellness and optimizing your overall health.

After a thorough assessment of your (and your partner's) emotional, physical and environmental wellness , we'll work together to establish new goals for your reproductive journey and take a holistic approach in developing a customized care plan to help you attain them.

Preconception support is an excellent option for anyone desiring to take an active role in their reproductive wellness journey, especially individuals and couples who:

  • have tried to conceive unsuccessfully for more than 1 year

  • want to familiarize yourself with the Fertility Awareness Method for birth control

  • are seeking emotional and educational support following a perinatal loss

  • have the desire to use an alternative to hormonal birth control

  • have been diagnosed with fertility affecting conditions such as fibroids, PCOS & endometriosis

  • want to learn more about your own reproductive health and fertility in general

  • want to learn more about available fertility treatments within the healthcare system 


Prenatal Support Package

Duration: Customizable

Fee: Starting at $450


  • Initial Consultation

  • Prenatal Support & Education

  • Breastfeeding Guidance

  • Postpartum Planning 

Comfort Measures Session

Duration: 90 minutes

Fee: $150

Create Your Birth Plan Session

Duration: 90 minutes

Fee: $150

Discuss With a Doula Session

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: $50

Every pregnancy is different as are the support and education needs for each birthing person and their partner.  Now more than ever, in light of the current global Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that a variety of support and education options are needed to equip expectant parents with the knowledge and know how to navigate the birth space without the presence of in-person labor support. Fortunately, prenatal education and support with The Dope Doula is totally customizable, 100% virtual and can begin as early in your pregnancy as you would like. 

Prenatal Support is something all pregnant individuals and expectant couples should consider, but may be an especially good fit if:

  • You have minimal knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period

  • You aren't interested in hiring a doula for virtual support

  • You are a first time parent

  • You are planning a cesarean birth 


Bereavement Care Package

Duration: As needed/requested

Fee: $300


  • Physical and emotional support through labor and delivery 

  • Photography

  • Assistance with making ceremonial arrangements

  • Follow Up Sessions as requested for 2 months

  • Referrals to grief therapy and other emotional supports 

Perinatal loss is something most parents never want to even think about. In the event that the unthinkable becomes a reality, compassionate, respectful care is available for you and your family. Support during and after your baby's birth is offered in the same manner that it would be in a live birth, unless you specify the preference to approach this sensitive time differently. In the days and weeks that follow, I'll assist with planning arrangements and connecting you to local and online resources, including therapy and spiritual guidance to help bring some solace in this time of grief. 

Every parent experiencing a perinatal loss deserves nurturing, supportive care. This includes parents experiencing: 

  • Miscarriage

  • Stillbirth

  • Neonatal Death


Abortion Care Package

Duration: Up to one month

Fee: Sliding Scale based on income


  • Initial Consultation

  • Assistance with locating financial resources for abortion services

  • Education on what to expectand comfort measures

  • Support before, during and after chosen abortion procedure 

  • Connection to support networks and resources, as requested

Abortion Planning Session

Duration: 90 minutes

Fee: $80

Look no further for non-judgemental, respectful and nurturing abortion support. As a pro-choice birthworker, I believe you deserve access to the information and support necesary to make informed, sound decisions about your reproductive wellness. During our initial consultation, we'll discuss the various methods of abortion and resources available to you before developing a plan of action. Depending on the method used, I will either provide virtual support during and/or after the procedure and offer weekly follow up check ins for up to 1 month after. 

Abortion services are available to anyone undergoing an elective termination of pregnancy, including:

  • Medical Abortions

  • Surgical Abortions

  • Termination of a desired pregnancy for medical reasons